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When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you don't need to brake the bank. Understanding your needs and layout of your kitchen is the starting point. Moving ahead from there choosing your options and accessories then becomes a breeze. 

Let us make your new dream kitchen a stressful dream come true. 

Kitchen - Dinning room - Living room Reno

This one's three-room main floor area was opened up to make a larger open concept kitchen for more cooking and entertaining space. Including adding new lighting, hardwood floors and a fresh coat of paint.

Kitchen Relocate

This kitchen once at the Back of the house was moved to the middle to allow for a dinning area and living room to be added.

New Kitchen

This new kitchen was brought to life over some new hardwood flooring, to replace the little original outdated war time one with adding a new window and lighting to brighten things up.

Optimizing space

This kitchen went from 4 cabinets to more, adding a dishwasher along with a breakfast bar and a special backsplash of class. 

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